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Welcome to OzStang.

OzStang is based in Melbourne, Australia and specialise in the Importation and

Distribution of Mustang & Shelby Driving Shoes, T Shirts, Caps, Jackets and Memorabillia.

OzStang also Import LED Lighting products including Downlights, LED Strip Lighting, Spotlights.


OzStang were the first to introduce 24volt LED Strip Lighting to the Trucking and Transport Industry which use

a 24volt Electrical system.


Other great OzStang products Invented/Designed, Manufactured and Distributed exclusively by OzStang are:



 A Magnetic Camera Mount which has been designed with the Gopro Hero fan in mind,
Custom made Camera mount embossed in rubber for paint protection and extra non slip grip,
the mount is fitted with
Rare Earth Magnets.
Tested at speeds over 220Kph in Race car Conditions.

MagPro will withstand a 22Kg (48 pounds) pull force, designed to hold when a suction mount won't.

Comes with the standard camera screw (1/4 20) and GoPro Adapter



The SkyPod is a Telescopic Fiberglass Rod

Unlike other Monopods & Ski poles which have been modified and sold as a makeshift pod
SkyPod was specially designed to suit your Gopro Hero Camera
We also include the Extra Long Thumbscrew at no extra charge.
Extra long thumbscrew is required to clear the Gopro Camera housing.

Comes with the standard camera screw (1/4 20) mount and GoPro Adapter

SkyPods are available in sizes from 3metres and up to 9metres in length.

Now you can get to where the action really happens while staying safe.


Downlight Hole Reducer:

An Aluminium plate used to to cover up existing Ceiling Downlight holes

The plate is made of Aluminium, 1mm thick with a 75mm hole for the new downlight fitting to fit into and an outside diameter of 110mm
This reducer plate will easily cover up to 105mm hole size and is finished in Satin Aluminium.

Now you won't have to fill in those ceiling holes and save a small fortune in Dollars.
The most inexpensive way to re-use your existing ceiling holes.


Distributors of our products

If you would like to become a Distributor of one or more of our great products

please contact us at OzStang.

OzStang, Thinking outside the Box


MagPro, SkyPod and Downlight Ceiling Hole Reducer are

Owned, Designed, Manufactured and Distributed only by OzStang.

Any similar product to ours are copies and not Authentic and should be treated as such.


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